22nd Annual All Ford Show September 2003


It was Queensland’s turn to celebrate Fords 100th Birthday with the 22nd Annual All Ford Show held at Kedron Sporting Club on Sunday Sept 14th.


It was a perfect day but ‘HOT’ with the mercury rising to over 30 degrees, pretty warm for early spring in Brisbane!! It just might be our turn again for another killer summer.

The Thunderbirds of Queensland’s showing was quite small with just the usual keen members prepared to show off their TBirds. They included Dave 66 Conv, Daz 62 Landau, Bill and Helen 62 Hardtop, Kevin 59 Conv, Tony and Jay 60 Hardtop and 62 Galaxie Sunliner and myself 64 Hardtop. Two beautiful non club Baby Birds a 56 and 57 were also on hand to wow the spectators. Both these cars are ex pat Victorians. The 57 has been seen on a regular basis but the teal coloured 56 was a surprise, owned by Reg and Lorraine Merry who have recently taken up residency on the Sunshine Coast. Reg’s 56 has been lovingly rebuilt from a car in parts to a high 200’s out of 300 point concours restoration.

Reg and Lorraine Merry's 1956 Thunderbird won "Best Convertible"

Once the club’s tent was set up Jay and the girls got busy setting up the TOQinc merchandise for sale to Joe public. The rest of us left to wonder off and check out the cars on display.

The organisers on the day saw fit to gather a group of significant Fords to show case Ford’s 100 year history from 1903 to present. The feature was a 1903 Model A that is believed to be the 23rd production Ford built and one of a few left in the world. Our President Kevin was asked to display his 59 Convertible amongst this group of cars it certainly looked great and was a stand out in this company

Kevin's 1959 Convertible parked between two other significant Fords, a Falcon GT and a Mustang Convertible

As always the Mustang and Falcon GT clubs had a big showing. There are some magnificent originals and restored examples among this group. Pre 50’s Fords, Customlines, Tank Fairlanes, early Falcons and a host of British Fords were also on display. US origin cars were down in numbers this year but besides the Thunderbirds a few that caught my eye were a 70 Torino Coupe, a 63 Mercury Monterey S55 Breezeway Hardtop, a pair of Edsels, a 57 Ford Fairlane 500 Tudor Hardtop, and a cool NASCAR look 65 Galaxie 500 Tudor Hardtop. Below is just a sample of the diversity of Fords on display....


1969 Boss 302 Mustang


Series 3 Tickford TE50 Falcon




A neat looking 1965 Galaxie 500 Tudor Hardtop


Late 40's Ford Convertible


1961 Fairlane 500


1965 Mk1 Lotus Cortina


1964 260 V8 powered Falcon Futura Convertible




A Flat Head powered Rat Model A Roadster


A Group Nc 65 Mustang Coupe


1903 Model A


1971 XY Fairmont GS


Ford Anglia or Prefect


1963 S55 Mercury Monterey Breezeway Hardtop


1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Ranch Wagon




A beautiful concours restoration of a 1971 Falcon XY GT HO


1972 or 73 Falcon XA GT Sedan


1972 or 73 Falcon XA GT Hardtop




2003 FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) Falcon GT-Premium




1957 Thunderbird


1959 Edsel Ranger Hardtop


1958 Edsel Pacer Hardtop


1963 Galaxie 500 Fordor Hardtop


1970 Torino Hardtop


A big thank you to Jay Chalvatzis our merchandising guru, whose Thunderbird theme nik naks are proving popular with both members and public. 4 clocks and 3 cheese boards were sold on the day with orders for more taken.

Congratulations to Tony Chalvatzis for winning trophies for “Best Thunderbird”, with his 60 Hardtop and “Best Galaxie” with his 62 Sunliner and to Reg Merry for winning “Best Convertible” with his gorgeous teal coloured 56 Thunderbird. These cars are a credit to you guys.

All in all a great day was had by all who attended...